Google and Yahoo's New Sender Requirements: 2024 Compliance Guide

Google and Yahoo's New Sender Requirements

Get Ready for Google and Yahoo's New Sender Requirements 2024


In response to the upcoming changes in Google and Yahoo New Sender Requirements 2024, it's crucial to understand and implement these new standards. Failing to comply could result in emails being marked as spam or not delivered.

Step-by-Step Checklist:

To make sure your emails get delivered smoothly, please follow these easy step-by-step guidelines for Gmail and Yahoo's new sender requirements

Step Action Details
1 Remove Gmail from "From" Address Avoid using addresses for sending.
2 Set Up a Branded Sending Domain Use a domain-based email that reflects your brand, enhancing authenticity.
3 Establish DMARC Policy Implement DMARC for stronger email authentication.
4 Align "From" Address with Branded Domain Ensure the domain in the "from" header matches the authenticated domain.
5 Simplify Unsubscribing Include a clear, one-click unsubscribe link in your emails.
6 Maintain Low Spam Complaints Keep spam rates below 0.3% to avoid being marked as spam.

This move by Google and Yahoo is an effort to make the email ecosystem more secure and reliable. Adhering to these requirements will not only help in avoiding delivery issues but also contribute to a healthier, spam-free email environment. As an email sender, it is essential to understand and implement these changes to ensure smooth and secure email communications going forward.

Dedicated Sending Domain Setup Service

If you're unsure about how to navigate these changes, consider our "Done For You" Dedicated Sending Domain Setup Service. This service will efficiently prepare your account for the February 2024 deadline.


Adhering to these new requirements is essential for ensuring your emails reach their intended recipients and do not end up in spam folders. Take proactive steps now to safeguard your email marketing efforts and avoid leaving marketing dollars on the table.


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