Is SMSBump a good fit for your Shopify Store?

Is SMSBump a good fit for your Shopify Store?

Smsbump by Yotpo is the Robust SMS Marketing Tool Built for Shopify.

According to Statista, 98% of texts are opened and read, and it takes 90 seconds on average for someone to respond to an SMS.


It has become a top marketing channel, surpassing emails' poor open rates (20%), so you are losing money if you need to utilize it.


Several SMS software providers choose from, so how do you know which one you should use? First, your Shopify store needs an App built to meet your store's unique needs. Next, send SMS campaigns to your Shopify customers and manage them easily using SMSBump. It's the best SMS software for use on Shopify.



What is SMSBump?

SMSBump is a powerful E-Commerce app for SMS marketing and automation that boosts revenue, improves marketing ROI, and grows Shopify businesses.


SMS marketing is among the most effective ways for Shopify Merchants to market their stores. This format is quick, simple, and easy for customers to read, which draws their attention. SMSBump is an easy-to-use Shopify app for doing this. SMSBump is a Yotpo Company and one of the industry's leading e-commerce marketing platforms.


As a Shopify merchant, SMSBump provides a way to engage with your customer base. It is possible to send text messages targeted at a particular demographic so you reach out to those who relate to the subject. It's also used to create automated notifications sent to customers, such as order confirmations and abandoned cart reminders, encouraging them to finish their purchases at your store.


SMSbump is an effective marketing tool for stores, with a 97% open rate and 35% click-through rate.


Setting up SMSBump with your Shopify Store

Over 27,000 e-commerce companies use SMSBump because it is easy to install in their stores and maintain. But first, you will need to install SMSBump on your store. 

A dashboard will then be displayed, along with the other segments. You can start marketing campaigns for a specific demographic through the automation tab (e.g., an abandoned cart campaign). These can be easily edited via the App and an analytics section for viewing the effectiveness of the automated SMS messages.


SMSbump Automation

Cart abandoned reminder


The 'flow' section of the App is a wonderful place to explore. For example, if you want your text messages to be personalized and specific to a particular audience, you should create a flow. An automated action sequence is created based on segmented data. SMSBump dashboard makes it easy to create this. You can view existing workflows on this page, create new ones, and see any drafts you have already created. As a convenience, SMSBump has created a series of templates that can easily be accessed and edited from the flow section. 



SMSBump helps Shopify merchants increase sales.

SMSBump can be easily integrated into your Shopify store and is ready to use immediately. Your customers can receive personalized text messages depending on their actions or sometimes their inactions. For example, you can say "thank you" to customers who have just purchased from you or reach out to those who haven't been to your store lately. Upload a photo or GIF along with your text for extra value, add the customer's name and personalize your SMS. Personalization will allow you to stand out from your competition. Your campaign can also be segmented into different segments by combining various criteria, such as location or product interests, to target a specific demographic.


Through SMSBump, you can add your own sign-up forms to your store and increase your database.


This App also includes a handy analytics section where you can look at your store's conversion rates, revenue, number of clicks, and other helpful information.


 "You can increase your revenue by 25x+ by integrating SMSBump with Shopify."


SMSBump can be integrated with other apps.

It's crucial to choose Shopify apps to enhance your business and revenue growth if you want to get the most out of your store. Several other apps can be easily integrated with SMSBump, including Recart, Privy, and Recharge. If you use ReCharge as an example, you can set up your online store to send a SMSBump notification every time your customer signs up for a subscription. One of their most popular integrations is with Klaviyo. The Klaviyo email marketing app is one of Shopify's most popular apps. Sending text messages to contacts receiving marketing Email campaigns makes sense, and It can easily import Klaviyo's database to SMSBump to ensure both channels work seamlessly.


Smsbump Yotpo Pricing

With SMSBump, you can choose from three different packages and unsubscribe anytime. $19.99 per month is the cost of the 'Growth Package,' the cheapest of their packages. Their most popular package is "Prime," which is $59.99 per month and includes a few more features than the basic package. 

$199.99 per month, the most expensive package, provides various benefits. A detailed description of each package is available at

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