Klaviyo: the Best Shopify Email Marketing Software

This is for all the eCommerce businesses out there. You might be aware of how email marketing is getting all the attention in eCommerce. But, if you ask us about one platform dedicated to eCommerce marketing success, it is the Klaviyo, anytime.
You may be looking for the best MailChimp alternative or simply moving toward automation. Whatever the reason, we have a ton of experience with Klaviyo (you will get to know why Klaviyo is the most Robust email marketing Software by the end of the article).
Therefore, we are here to share our insights so you can make an informed decision.
We assume that you have heard about email automation. If not, here is a cut-to-the-chase explainer for you.

Introduction to Email Marketing Automation
Email marketing automation is a strategy that enables marketers to send out triggered or timed promotional emails to subscribers on their mailing lists. For example, you may schedule to send personalized messages to both prospects and customers. Or the messages would be sent when specific conditions are met.
In a nutshell, email marketing automation is all about making promotional campaigns an automated process.

Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp
Usually, when you enter: email marketing, Mailchimp pops up. What if we tell you about the best Mailchimp alternative that can even one-up it?
Get to know Klaviyo, the expert!
If you want to do more than grow sales and revenue, it is time to shift to Klaviyo. There is some real money in here.
These are not merely some statements. Over 10,000 Mailchimp customers that switched to Klaviyo have reported an average increase of 46% in total store revenue. This is not the only reason why Klaviyo has succeeded in garnering 80% of 5-star reviews from all over the world.

Do you want to send emails or make money?
Klaviyo is designed from the ground up for eCommerce stores.
Need more reasons to accept that Klaviyo is the best Mailchimp alternative?
Here you go
Klaviyo's app integrations pull in more data than fellow Mailchimp.
You will get easily customizable email automation
Klaviyo works on flexible and powerful forms
The date is more advanced
You get to personalize your marketing and grow
In a word, Klaviyo is the best Mailchimp alternative specifically designed to help you grow.

What Makes Klaviyo the Best Shopify Email Marketing Software
Did you know that Shopify stores make $85 for every dollar they spend on Klaviyo?
This can be one of the reasons why 10,000 Shopify stores that were previously interfaced with Mailchimp have transferred to Klaviyo in the past two years.
The marketing platform is increasingly recognized globally for growing more Shopify businesses than any other market. The reasons are:

Tight integration with Shopify and Facebook
Klaviyo is helping Shopify stores drive more sales with intensely targeted, incredibly relevant email, Facebook, and Instagram marketing.
With one-click integration with Shopify, you can quickly and conveniently get all of your information to Shopify and start growing.
This might be brand-new information for you, but it is interesting how an average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month. So it is time that you already start taking advantage of Facebook advertisements.
No, you don't have to do much work when Klaviyo can manage it for you. It only takes a click to make a difference.
The efficient integration process of Klaviyo permits you to connect with your potential Facebook customers.
Klaviyo is the way you can get the most out of your eCommerce targeting efforts.

Value for Money with No Hidden Costs

The thing that distinguishes Klaviyo from other email marketing software is its pricing, making it the best Mailchimp alternative.
Klaviyo provides a straightforward, all-inclusive pricing model with a lesser 'total cost of ownership' than Mailchimp.
Rest assured that there are no hidden fees or annual contracts. It is totally up to you to select the budget for your account, whether you want to utilize either one email or SMS separately, or both.

Let's break it down for you.
Create an account for free
Every MMS message costs $0.03
Each SMS message costs $0.01
Here is a good deal for you: you can try it before you buy.
You can send 500 emails and 50 texts to up to 250 contacts before you are invited to get an upgrade.
Advanced Segmentation
As per Gartner,
"Businesses that excel in segmentation and personalization outsell their peers by 20%."

Klaviyo comes with advanced segmentation that is not just easy but also powerful. You get all you need to make a stronger connection with your audience and customers, which eventually translates to more sales for your Shopify store.
You have the option to go beyond basic targeting to the segment on things like
Products purchased in particular time frames
Website browsing behavior
Order Value
Unlimited number of customer attributes
With an excellent audience management structure with one centralized list of profiles and the choice of creating various segments based on tracked behavior and profile attributes, Klaviyo makes the best Shopify email marketing software.
While delivering a unique experience for your audience, you are all set to utilize the benefits of segmented audiences in all their glory!
Personalization resides at the core of every effective marketing campaign.
Did you know that email personalization is found to deliver a six times higher transactional rate?
Klaviyo sets no limitations through the power of its events, profile properties, location, predicted values, and much more.
Personalized automation with Klaviyo will permit you to use the Flow Builder across the entire customer journey while optimizing them via A/B and split testing.
Furthermore, the pre-made templates in Klaviyo would assist in your targeted campaigns to pull in product recommendations and other dynamic data for personalization.
To maximize ROI (Return on Investment), Klaviyo would periodically SMS the customers who prefer text over email.
Predictive Algorithm and Smart Sending
Klaviyo master comes with the Smart Sending option that allows you to skip subscribers who have recently received an email from you. Not only would it make you less irritated, but it would also effectively lower your unsubscribe rate.
Klaviyo carefully analyzes customers' buying patterns at a profile level and predicts when the next order will be placed. This information will help you time your outreach better.

Key Takeaway!

You might have realised the value of switching to Klaviyo, which is the best Mailchimp alternative. Our extensive research to discover the best Shopify email marketing software lists Klaviyo experts at the top.
You need an email marketing platform that scales with your business. For example, if you have decided to go down the sales funnel and make your business more money, let Klaviyo handle all your email marketing campaigns while you utilize your time to do other better tasks.
If you are serious about making your Shopify store into a big brand, you are just a click away from a huge opportunity.
Upgrade your email marketing with the help of an Official Klaviyo master, the best Shopify email marketing tool in the market.

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