What makes Shopify the best eCommerce platform?

What makes Shopify the best eCommerce platform?

Without any technical expertise, you can create your own online store with Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform. There are several important reasons that Shopify has become so popular around the globe.


How does Shopify work? 

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for setting up an online store, offering you everything you need while having the most specific requirements. Over one million customers using the platform sell products online. Several useful features are included that make your eCommerce website function as it should and effectively elevate it to the next level. 


What makes Shopify the best eCommerce platform?


Your business can attract a large customer base with an eCommerce website. Customers can do so conveniently by doing business online with the devices at hand. With the advent of modern cart generation software, the old-fashioned way of making eCommerce portals has been replaced. There are numerous features and qualities of these online development applications. They are one of the best options because they cut down on labor costs, development time, and server space.


While several e-commerce platforms are available, Shopify is usually the first name that comes to mind when considering the best eCommerce Platform.

It is indisputable that Shopify is known worldwide, but here are a few important reasons.


Why should you use Shopify?

The Shopify platform contains everything you need or wants for your online store comprehensively. 

You can have a complete eCommerce solution that includes business and eCommerce software—creating multiple web pages with an inbuilt online editor.

Selling in various countries with local language support and customizing online stores. Merchants who are interested in leveraging their online business can now access a one-stop shop for all their needs. Shopify offers many factors that make it the best eCommerce platform.


1. It's simple and easy to use

In the first place, Shopify offers an eCommerce platform that reduces the burdens and complexity of building an online shopping site from scratch. Even if you don't have any technical experience, you can easily create an online store with Shopify.

2. Hosting

Web hosting can be a real challenge if you're starting. It is challenging for startups to find the time to take care of an eCommerce platform, and technical support is required. With Shopify, you don't have to worry about servers or databases because it is a cloud-based solution. You can access your store from anywhere with an internet connection and admin login details. A key advantage is that it facilitates the management of the payment gateway, making your work seamless and straightforward.


3. Built-in marketing tools

Shopify's marketing tools reduce the costs associated with starting a business. You can add the page title, Meta titles, unique URLs, and Meta descriptions, make pages visible & invisible and redirect pages as needed. Furthermore, you can optimize the store based on your preferences. It also integrates into Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the most popular platforms for products to reach a wider audience.

4. An excellent technical support system

When running an online store with an eCommerce platform, you will require some technical assistance. Shopify offers 24-hour support, so you can contact the customer service team if any issues arise. They will pick up the call or assist you via live chat.

5. Performance & Security

An eCommerce site's speed is crucial for its success since it helps to boost sales. Faster-loading web pages will keep potential customers on your site longer. Moreover, Shopify's security and integration with different payment methods make it the best service provider. Users can complete transactions within a bit of loading time by utilizing the built-in speed checker.


6. Accurately reduces data errors and duplicate records

When manually entering information in multiple fields and forms, there are possible errors and duplications. Errors are also problematic if they are not tracked properly. Using Shopify's automated solutions, you can simplify the data entry process and eliminate duplicate data entry.

7. A massive collection of themes

Shopify has outstanding design options to reflect a professional look for your business. You can choose from hundreds of free and premium themes designed by designers. These templates are all fast-loading and work on all screen sizes. That is a great way to keep your visitors on your website for longer. In addition, a wide range of themes will leave a lasting impression on your visitors and make your brand stand out.


8. Shopify's own payment gateway

A smooth payment process is vital for the eCommerce store to get paid by customers.

You should set up your store with a payment system based on your target audience. 

When it comes to international transactions, Shopify has you covered. The eCommerce giant supports over 100 payment processors. That allows you to accept payments from all over the world; this includes PayPal, credit cards, bank deposits, as well as cash on delivery.


9. Free Trial

Shopify offers all new users a two-week free trial, so they can try out the features and get used to the interface. But there are other reasons why this platform is your best option in terms of affordability.


Shopify Price Comparison

Shopify's basic plan only costs $29 per month. In addition, they offer a 10% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on biennial plans when paid upfront. That allows you to create a fully functional online store with unlimited hosting, bandwidth, and products.


Thus, these fees suit any small business looking to grow with e-commerce.

 You can check the whole pricing structure and the other plans on the official Shopify Pricing page.


Shopify restricts your ability to publish your domain live in a free trial. However, it provides its default primary domain as "examplestore.myshopify.com."

Starting or launching a new business requires a reasonably low price, making Shopify an excellent choice. 


10. Advanced features

Rather than a standard website builder, Shopify enables you to build your own website with plugins/applications that you can customize. In addition, it offers features for managing inventory, accounting, and business reporting and enhancing sales and social media promotion.

Furthermore, you can also Integrate an Automated email responder that can assist you in automating and running your business on autopilot.


You can use Shopify Email to send a newsletter or product announcement. If you're a growing brand, you need something to solve your problems today and scale with you as you grow.


Several email marketing services are available, and you should select the right one for your business. Here you will find the Best Email Marketing Services for Shopify Stores.


In a nutshell:

Shopify is a comprehensive eCommerce cloud-based platform. Using it is affordable and can save you time and resources. Shopify is an ideal platform for anyone who wants complete control over the structure and setup of their store.


If you have questions regarding Shopify or email marketing, and if you want to share your experience with Shopify, Leave a comment below.

I would love to hear from you. 

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